Size of project:                30,000 SF

Construction cost:           $3 million

Phases of Cx:                 Design Development through Post-Occupancy

Completion Date:            February, 2006


Project Description:


This is a LEED® NC version 2.1 Gold project that involved a renovation to a historic three-story building in downtown Spartanburg.  The project included offices as well as an executive board room, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and presentation spaces.  A new exterior courtyard with water features was provided, in addition to all new mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems.  The project included shell spaces for future tenants.  One of these shell spaces is currently being upfit for a tenant under LEED® CI version 2.


The project energy-related systems included:


·       Johnson Controls Automation System integrated into campus networked control system.

·       Trane central self-contained water-cooled air conditioning unit with cooling tower and waterside economizer

·       Lochinvar condensing boiler for heating water.

·       Energy recovery ventilator.

·       Zone control via fan-powered DDC variable air volume hot water air terminal units.

·       Demand control ventilation via CO2 sensors.

·       Lighting controls based on occupancy sensors and Lutron lighting control panels.


System WorCx Scope of Work:


System WorCx was hired as a third-party commissioning firm contracted directly to the Mary Black Foundation.  Commissioning included HVAC and controls, plumbing, and lighting controls.  System WorCx also performed indoor air quality testing to satisfy LEED® EQ Credit 3.2. 


Project Contacts:


President                                     Philip Belcher         864-573-9500,